Thick Hotwife Josie Jaxxon

We’re going to start off this blog post by stating that we absolutely love Josie Jaxxon. She is awesome in so many ways, too many to write about in this blog post, but we’ll give you a few reasons why we’re into this awesome thick hotwife. First, she has an amazing outlook on life and thoroughly enjoys everything she does. Second, she’s an absolute nymphomaniac. She loves to have sex and it’s a good time watching her do it. Third, she’s a thick babe with great curves and she knows exactly how to put those curves to great use. Yes, we absolutely love Josie Jaxxon.

Josie Jaxxon is a hotwife, which means she’s married and her man is more than happy to share her with other men and women. Josie Jaxxon’s husband likes to get involved in the action and he’s featured in many of her pics and videos. When Josie Jaxxon isn’t shooting with her man she’s shooting with other men, women and multiples of each. She particularly likes BBC and a good gangbang from time to time. Lets just say Josie Jaxxon hasn’t meet a BBC gangbang she doesn’t like. Pretty much nothing is off limits for Josie Jaxxon. Some of her favorite kinks involve anal and she’s a huge squirter. While Josie Jaxxon’s sexual adventures are wide and wild, what we enjoy best is seeing how much she enjoys having sex. The naughtier she gets the more fun she has. Watching her smile with multiple guys goo on her face is a sight to behold. It’s not just Josie Jaxxon having fun, if you had a chance to give Josie Jaxxon’s body a go you would be just as happy.

Speaking of Josie Jaxxon’s body, lets talk about those thick curves. Josie Jaxxon has big natural boobs, a very healthy ass and some hot thick thighs. They say more cushion for the pushin and Josie Jaxxon has all the cushion you could ever ask for. When she’s on all fours and her ass is shaking your head will be spinning, it’s that good. In addition to the curves, she has some well placed tattoos on both arms. Her body is smoking hot, but her face is what completes the look. She has a super cute face and a great smile. When she smiles sunshine radiates from her face.

Now where can you find Josie Jaxxon and all her goodness? Glad you asked, you can find links to all her social media and fan sites here. If you like thick hotwives you’re going to fall in love with Josie Jaxxon. We give her our hot girl stamp of approval. We hope to see a lot more of her in the future, enjoy!

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