Model of the Day: Vicki Bam

Today’s model of the day is the busty ebony swinger Vicki Bam. You read that right, busty ebony swinger. Did we add content creator as well? Yes Vicki Bam has it all going on and she certainly knows it. Now close your eyes and image you’re out at a club and you see Vicki Bam walk in, completely clothed, but you know she has big boobs and curves in all the right places. Now imagine she approaches you with her other half and ask you to come home with them and party. Now wouldn’t that be the best thing in the world! OK, well that’s never going to happen, but there’s nothing wrong with fantasizing.

Getting back to reality, lets talk about Vicki Bam’s sex appeal. When you put MILF (yes I left that out earlier), swinger, and adult content creator you have a recipe for success. Vicki gets naked on camera and it gets even better when she’s behind closed doors. Lets just say she’s a pro. Being a swinger she gets lots of practice and likes to show off her skills. If you’re into curvy ebony hotties then we strongly suggest checking out Vicki Bam. You can see her R rated content on Twitter and her X rated content on OnlyFans. As they say, once you go Vicki Bam you never go back. Enjoy!

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