Gabriela Booty Birthmark

Birthmarks are a very common thing for people to have. People have birthmarks on just about every spot of their body. Birthmarks also come in all sizes and shapes. That’s about the extent of our birthmark knowledge over here at Hot Girl Index. Why are we giving you a birthmark overview, and a very poor one at that, because Gabriela has a large birthmark, which she’s very proud of, right on her booty. It’s given her the title “the girl with the birthmark booty”. If big bootys are your thing you’re going to love what Gabriela has to offer and the birthmark is just the icing on the cake. Now lets not just focus on Gabriela’s money maker, she has a pair of tits that rival her booty. I’m not going to venture to guess her bra size, lets just say BIG. She also has both nipples pierced. She has a few more distinct piercings, we’ll let you do a Waldo search and see if you can find them. Gabriela is the total package and gets our hot girl stamp of approval. You can find more of Gabriela on Twitter and OnlyFans.
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