Big Boob Pornstar Melony Melons

Lets start the week off with a pair of melons, Melony Melons to be exact. She’s a big boob pornstar and she has some of the greatest melons you’ll ever feast your eyes on. If you’re a fan of blondes with big boobs you’re going to love this blog post and we guarantee you’re going to fall in love with Melony Melons.

First things first, the name. Melony Melons name is a throwback to the 90’s and 2000’s when pornstars came up with creative names to hide their real names. Now we can’t be certain that Melony Melons isn’t her real name, but we’re guessing it not. If it though, kudos to her parents for having the foresight to know she was going to be absolutely stacked one day. We love the name Melony Melons and as you can see from the pics below the name fits her perfectly

Speaking of Melony Melons melons, they’re must see tv. Her boobs are big, round, juicy and all around perfect. They have the perfect shape and they’ll fall into “more than a handful” category. Can you guess how big they are? If you guessed 30Js you’re right. If you translate the size into fruit, that would be two very large grapefruits or maybe smaller seedless watermelons. Melony Melons is an Italian-American and that means she gets those killer tan lines on her tits that drive big boob people wild. While her boobs are the star of the show, the rest of her body is an A+. she’s a slim-curvy babe with a great ass, blonde hair, gorgeous face and big smile. When she flashes her pearly whites she’ll have you hooked. There’s something about her smile that’s quite inviting.

Lucky for the world, Melony Melons is an adult content creator and she loves to share herself with men, women and multiples of each. When it comes to sex she knows exactly what she’s doing and her body is quite the wonderland. If you can dream it, Melony Melons most likely can do it. Her pics and videos include artistic nudes, boy/girl sex, orgies, facials, creampies, taboo roleplaying and more. Melony Melons is a real-life MILF and enjoys stepmom/step aunt play.

We’re totally crushing on this throwback pornstar and like fine wine, the more she matures the better she gets. You can find links to all her social media and fan sites here. Long live the busty blonde pornstar and long live Melony Melons. We give her our Hot Girl stamp of approval. Enjoy!

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