Nadia Tiger is a Cam Model and Fitness Fanatic

Three words to describe Nadia Tiger, busty, beautiful and fit. Nadia is your big boobed hot girl come to life. She’s a cam model and fitness fanatic. From the pictures below I would say hitting the gym definitely does a body good. If you’re a boob fan you can add Nadia to your Top 10 list, she’s a 34DDD. Even for those of you who aren’t up on your bra sizes, anything in the double letters, let along triple, is certainly more than a handful. A few other things to know about Nadia is that even though she’s super into fitness, she enjoys a burger and pizza from time to time. Sometimes you need a dose of the unhealthy stuff to round out the curves. You can find more of Nadia Tiger on Twitter, MyFreeCams and OnlyFans.

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