Bad Ass Model Tabitha Poison

When I think of what a bad ass model would look like Tabitha Poison comes to mind. I’m not sure what qualities make up a bad ass model, my list would includes 1) attitude 2) the look and 3) how you live your life. Tabitha has all three of these qualities and rocks them well. She’s a model from Prague, where you’ll also find a lot of other bad ass models.

First and foremost Tabitha has that bad ass attitude, which comes out in all her photos and videos. She knows how to play to a camera and how to give that classic rockstar, i don’t give a fuck attitude. She can kill you with a slight smile or just a dead stare. Second, she has the looks. Tabitha has the tattoos, short hair and even more tattoos. She has the neck tattoo and even the face tattoo, it’s bad ass. Lastly she lives the bad ass life. Tabitha is an adult content creator and pornstar. She’s not your average pornstar, she likes to push the limit which includes extreme anal and she’s a size queen. As you can see from the picture below if you’re not pleasing her she might even bit your dick. She’s bad ass! One more bonus point, her name is Tabitha Poison, you don’t give yourself that name if you don’t fit the mold of a bad ass.

Tabitha Poison has her own unique style and look which makes her a great model to add to your Top 10 list. She’s absolutely gorgeous and offers a ton of XXX and nude content. You can find links to her fan pages and social media sites here. Enjoy!

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