Nerd Girl Dreams Come True Sith Jade

I think we’ve found the biggest Star Wars fan and she just so happens to be a hot model as well. Say hi to Sith Jade. For those of you Star Wars fans out there you’ll immediately get the correlation to her name and the Star Wars universe. For those of you that aren’t in the know, Sith’s are basically the bad guys. I think Sith Jade is both bad and naughty. She definitely has the street cred with crossing lightsaber tattoos across her chest and crests of the Empire and Jedi order (if I have those right). She’s 100% in on Star Wars and we love it.

Her nerd credential is high with just Star Wars alone, but it only goes up from there as she’s into Cosplay as well. You can find her dressing up, and down as some of your favorite characters. She makes it all look good because of course she has a banging body. She’s 100% natural with A+ boobs and an A+ booty. When you have that winning combo almost any Cosplay looks hot. Not to mention of course she has a beautiful face and physique.

Sith Jade is an adult content creator with content spanning everything from nudity to XXX fun. She’s also into a number of kinks, for all you kinksters out there. You can find links to her fan sites and other endeavors here. If you’ve been looking for a hot nerd to follow with some serious Star Wars chops Sith Jade is definitely your girl. Enjoy!

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