Good Cop Turned Naughty Hotwife Sweet Vickie

Last week we featured our first police officer turned adult content creator, Bella Lexi. This week we have our second and in a word she’s amazing, she’s Sweet Vickie. Sweet Vickie is a former Dallas police officer that meet her other half while on the force and they both decided to hang up the handcuffs, well sort of, and jump into making adult content feet first. I’m not sure there’s another story quite like Sweet Vickie and her husband. Think about it, they both met on the force, got married and then because adult content creators. If you can find a better story let us know, I don’t think there’s one out there.

In addition to being a former police officer Sweet Vickie can now add MILF and hotwife to the list. She’s not just a hottie that jumped into creating nude, she jumped right in with creating hotwife content. For those of you that don’t know what the hotwife culture is, it’s basically hot women that have sex with other men and women, all while their husband watches or joins in the fun. That’s right, Sweet Vickie and her husband live quite the open lifestyle and we’re completely jealous what they have going on. It takes a special couple to get into the hotwife lifestyle and they’ve absolutely nailed it.

As you can see from the pictures below Sweet Vickie is absolutely gorgeous. She has a slim-muscular build with a gorgeous face and curves for days. She has an amazing smile with glowing white teeth and soul piercing eyes. When she flashes that big smile you know she means business! Looking at the rest of what she has to offer it’s hard to find an ounce of fat on her body. Sweet Vickie puts the time in at the gym and it really pays off. She has great enhancements up top and a rock hard ass to boot. Her ass is so firm that you could probably bounce a quarter off of it. I haven’t personally had the opportunity to validate how firm her ass is, but we’ve seen plenty of ass pics and can safely assume our assessment is correct. What do you do with an A+ body, well you make some of the hottest hotwife content around.

Sweet Vickie’s pictures and videos run the gambit from solo nudes to masturbation to sex with her husband and other couples. If that isn’t enough, she’s also been known to partake in orgies and gangbangs. She’s pretty much down for whatever and we love her for that. These days there are plenty of other hotwife groups out there and chances are Sweet Vickie has met up with these hotwives. She and her husband have an amazing group of friends and that guarantees the hotwife content keeps rolling out every week.

By now you’re probably ready to bust or at least learn where you can find more of Sweet Vickie. You can find links to all her social media and naughty adventures here. We’re strong believers in sexuality and openness and Sweet Vickie is proof positive that this energy can come from any background. We give her our Hot Girl stamp of approval and hope to see a lot more of her in the future, enjoy!

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