Hotwife Lt. Bella Lexi

Happy Friday, we made it everyone and we have one awesome feature for you today. Today’s feature is the stunning hotwife Lt. Bella Lexi. Bella Lexi is not just a super sexy model, but she has a great story to tell as well. She’s a former police lieutenant turned adult actress. Bella Lexi, not her name when working in the force, was an officer for 28 years when she turned to adult content creation as a side gig. Her colleagues found out about her side gig and she left the force shortly afterwards. Bad news for them, great news for all of us. Her old job is history and she’s been thriving and living her best life as an adult content creator ever sense, and we couldn’t be happier.

Bella Lexi resides in the state of Colorado where she can express her sexual freedom and she does it in spades. Bella Lexi is a mom, officially MILF, hotwife and all around sex machine. After leaving the force she took time to get her body in shape, added some physical enhancements and now she’s shooting for big studios and of course making her own spicy content.

As you can see from the pictures below Bella Lexi is oozing with mature hotwife vibes. She has a slim-fit build with curves in all the right places. She has big enhanced boobs a great ass and we particularly love her swollen clit, with a hood piercing to boot. If there was ever a model with that classic MILF look it’s Bella Lexi. In addition to her curves and tight body she also has several tattoos including a tribal tattoos that spans from her underboob down to her hip.

Now lets get to Bella Lexi’s content. When it comes to her content pretty much nothing is off limits. She brings the heat with solo nudes, masturbation, sex videos and of course a lot of good cop turned bad role-play. She also enjoys playing with both men and women. You can find links to all her social media and fan sites here. If you’ve ever dreamed about what a sexy copy would look like in the nude and performing sex acts, you don’t need to dream any longer, Bella Lexi is the real deal. We can’t wait to continue following her sexual adventures. Enjoy!

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