Adult Content Creator Nova Vixen

It’s Thursday and today we’re featuring the beautiful Nova Vixen. Nova Vixen is an adult content creator who has shot with a number of studios and creates her own content on the side. She’s a cutie with yet black hair and a fan of having sex with multiple guys at one time.

Nova Vixen has girl next door looks and vibes, but with quite a naughty side to her. She may look like an emo or goth girl, but her alter ego is a sex video making machines. Nova Vixen’s natural curves have us drooling. She has great little titties, a slim build and a nice little ass. We’re crushing on her lady bush. Yes we know that’s a choice anyone can make, unless you lasered yourself and in that case it’s not your choice anymore, but we’re happy Nova Vixen kept her bush. It’s actually not just a bush, it’s a bush that she’s manicured into a triangle. Nova Vixen do us a favor and never shave it, we love it!

As mentioned, she’s an adult content creator and her content is straight fire. Her content spans from nudes to lewds to sex with both boys and girls. You can find her making threesome videos, taking big facials and giving blowjobs in public. There’s something about her looks that just enhances her content. You have to see it to know what we’re talking about.

You can find links to Nova Vixen’s social media and fan sites here. If you like beautiful models that like to keep a nice manicured bush you’re going to love Nova Vixen. We give her our Hot Girl stamp of approval and strongly suggest you give her a follow, enjoy!

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