Natural Beauty Fountain Nymph

Ending the week on a high note with the Fountain Nymph, also known as The Fountain Fairy. She’s an all natural beauty with a unique look and quite a wild side to her. When we say wild side we mean outdoors and behind closed doors! She’s a traveling model that loves the outdoors and loves sharing her adventures with the world.

Fountain Nymph gets her unique look with a mix of…….well we don’t exactly know. I don’t want to take a guess because I don’t want to be way off. Maybe she’ll stop by an enlighten all of us in the comments section. Whatever that mix is, it certainly gives her a unique look. Fountain Nymp is a slim babe with self-proclaimed puffy nipples and a fat pussy. Any model that uses that language to describe themselves can certainly be a friend of ours. She uses all her looks to take some really cool nature pics and some really hot XXX videos.

Lucky for us she’s an adult content creator and has a range of content for sell. One of her specialties is squirting and it totally fits her persona. Squirting and nature seems to go together hand in hand. If you’re looking for that next model with a sexy unique look Fountain Nymph is definitely your girl. You can find all her social media and fan sites here. Enjoy!

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