Big Booty Adult Content Creator April Feelix

It’s Monday everyone. Monday’s are usually the worst day of the week, however we’re going to try and cheer you up with the big booty adult content creator April Feelix. She’s a hotwife, MILF and all around hottie. April Feelix has those girl next door vibes, with quite a naughty side to her. She is your hot neighbor and oh yes, she’s into showing her sexual side to the world and it’s nothing short of amazing. In fact April Feelix is a self-proclaimed nymphomaniac (that’s a sex crazed person for those of you who didn’t know).

As an adult content creator April Feelix has an array of content. She makes everything from artistic nude, to solo masturbation to full blow XXX. You may even see some fetish content if you look around. While you’ll see plenty of pictures and videos of April Feelix having sex with her other half, she’s also not shy about playing with other women. Just check out the picture below, is April Feelix hiding her husband in her mouth or is it an optical illusion? We’ll let you decide. There’s a whole lot more of where that came from and you can see it all on her fan sites.

April Feelix is a British babe and we’ve often said that British girls are some of the filthiest adult content creators on the planet. April Feelix definitely is not an exception to that rule. She makes all her content look great and it all starts with her thin-slick body. Thin-slim describes a body type that is overall thin, with curves in all the right places. For April Feelix that means a big healthy booty. Oh yes, she has a big healthy booty and it’s featured prominently in her content. With a booty like April Feelix’s there’s no wonder why she shows it off so much. April Feelix’s other curves are all natural with perfect tits and awesome hips. While we love her body, her face is as gorgeous as her body. She has a pretty face and when she puts on that sexy smile it drives us nuts.

You can find links to all of April Feelix’s social media, fan sites and more here. If you like big booty models that have a kinky side to them, we strongly suggest you check out April Feelix. You can bet you’ll see more of April on the site in the future. Enjoy!

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