Real Life Naughty Teacher Khloe Karter

Have you ever wondered what your school teacher did after school, after grinding away all day long? Some go home and grade papers, some take continuing education and then there are some that make porn. Khloe Karter fits in the third category. She’s a real life naughty teacher turned adult content creator.

Khloe Karter’s story is well documented in the media so we won’t go into details here. All you need to do is Google her to find out all the details. If you want the Cliff’s Notes version basically she was busted for filming adult content (just nude) , at school, after hours. Some of her horny students found the content and the rest is history. She was let go by the school district and now she’s living her best life, banging for a living.

One thing we love about Khloe Karter is that she has the classic teacher look about her. She has an innocent look about her and when fully clothed you probably would never expect she has quite a naughty side to her. Well, now that we think about it there are probably a lot of closet naughty teachers out there, but not many that bring it out to the public. When the closes come off the XXX look and fun ensues.

Khloe Karter has a tiny frame with some great curves, including natural boobs and a healthy round booty. Bother of her nipples are pierced and she has a mix of tattoos spanning from her shoulder down to her thigh. She uses her heavenly body to make some pretty awesome content. Khloe Karter’s content spans from solo masturbation all the way to XXX fun with her other half, both behind closed door and out and about. If you’re into teachers that take facials, she has that in her repertoire as well.

Khloe Karter is a good teacher gone bad and as long as nobody is getting hurt, we’re all for it. You can find more of Khloe Karter and her content on her fan site and social media, you find all the links here. Enjoy!

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