Sexy Wild Child Vividly Vixen

We all love a wild child, especially a wild child that is sexually charged. Vividly Vixen is one wild babe and she’s beyond sexually charged. She currently lives in Florida where she spends time living her best life in the sun and getting into all sorts of sexy fun. Just to give you a little flavor of Vividly Vixen she uses the following adjectives to describe herself; Solar-powered, H2o-fueled Beach, Nudist, Vixen, Swinger, Virgo, Switch, Voyeur, Sadist, Experimentalist, Sapiosexual. If there isn’t something in there to wet your whistle I don’t know what’s left. Of interest is the term sapiosexual. If you’ve never seen that word before it describes someone who finds intelligence sexually attractive or arousing. In other words, if you’re smart, Vividly Vixen may have the hots for you.

As mentioned, Vividly Vixen lives in Florida, where all the attributes we rattled off are welcomed. It must be the sun, warm weather and beaches that make women (and men) shed any inhibitions they have and just have fun. It’s a place where truly amazing things happen. If you live in Florida or you’re visiting Florida, you may be lucky enough to see Vividly Vixen at the beach sunning herself, topless or in the nude. While she lets loose out in public, it’s behind closed doors where her hardest sexual kinds come to life. She enjoys lots of kinks, including extreme bondage and a whole lot of sex. It’s quite a sight to behold. If you search through her X media you’ll find a picture of her bedroom, which is a kink playground.

Being a wild child is one thing, but having the body to go along with it is another things. Vividly Vixen is one busty blonde with a fit body and curves for days. Her curves are enhanced even more as she’s a little thing, measuring in at 5’1″. Vividly Vixen’s tits are huge, 34Gs to be exact. Both her nipples are pierced and she enjoys wearing some pretty heavy jewelry on both. Not to be outdone, Vividly Vixen has a healthy round ass. It looks perfect when she’s getting spanked or taking it from behind. This busty blonde has it all going on. To add to the fun she also has a number of well placed tattoos, we particularly like the “we the people” tat on her arm.

As an adult content creator you get to experience Vividly Vixen and all her sexual adventures. There’s almost nothing that she’s not willing to film. Her pics and videos include everything from artistic nudes to outdoor nudity to sex with both men and women. It’s all awesome and all amazing. You can find links to her social media and fan sites here. We absolutely love this wild child and we know you will as well. We give her our Hot Girl stamp of approval and expect to see a lot more from her going forward. Enjoy!

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