Hot Latina Pretty Poison Jess Cooper

What do you get when you mix a Latina, a Navy Veteran and an adult content creator? Why you get Jess Cooper, otherwise known as Pretty Poison of course. Jess Cooper has hung up her uniform for a fishnet bodysuit and a life in the adult content world. While she’ll always be a Navy girl at heart, she now spends her time making spicy pics and videos with all her sexy friends.

In addition to being a Navy Vet, Jess Cooper is also a mom, and you know what that means….she’s a MILF. So now we have a Latina Navy Vet adult content creator MILF. If that isn’t just the best little package you could think of, I don’t know what is. Jess Cooper is an all around badass and we’re super excited she jumped into the world of adult content. Not only did she jump into the world of adult content, she jumped in two feet first. She quickly went from nude cellphone selfies to full blown swinger orgies. That being said, one of her specialties is definitely public nudity. Jess Cooper thoroughly enjoys getting her tits and ass out in public. We’re not just talking about a tit flash here or there, she likes to get out in full birthday suit, and we love it!

With a sexy body like Jess Cooper’s, it’s no wonder why she got into the adult industry. She’s sexually charged and she has a gorgeous body with al natural curves. She has a slim build with the perfect little perky tits and a healthy Latina booty. With long black hair and a chiseled jawline, she gives off VERY SEXY mature badass babe vibes. You know when you encounter Jess Cooper you’re going to be in for a good time. As you can see from the pictures below Jess Cooper is a tattoo girl. She has tattoos spanning from her neck, down her arms and extending to her legs. She has a great mix of high quality tattoos and the flowers on her neck are definitely the center piece. We really dig Jess Cooper’s look.

As mentioned previously Jess Cooper makes some very spicy content. She has a full suite of pics and videos including nude selfies, outdoor nudity, sex with both boys and girls, and she loves kinks, including creampies, facials and anal play. She also speaks English and Spanish, which comes in very handy when requesting customs, especially if you dig her speaking to you in Spanish. You can find links to all Jess Cooper’s social media and fan sites here. We really like what Jess Cooper has to offer and we know you will as well. Enjoy!

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