Eliza Smoke Gets High and Bangs

Say hi to British babe Eliza Smoke. She’s a UK hottie that likes to get high and bang, hence the name Eliza Smoke. Now there’s no reference to banging in her name, but trust me, you’ll soon learn she likes to bang, and bang a lot. You guessed the second part of her name, she smokes and that includes the green goodness.

Eliza Smoke gives out good wholesome girl vibes, at least when her clothes are on. When the clothes come off she’s anything but wholesome. I mean she’s not going to walk around town wearing lingerie, but she certainly does cover it up. Maybe that’s because the weather in the UK is generally overcast and shitty. That shitty weather must be why she’s generally naked or wearing very little when home.

Eliza Smoke is an adult content creator and her content pretty much spans the depth of your imagination. She likes to be tied up and produce solo masturbation content, she likes to create boy/girl content and she’s not afraid of a little backdoor action and cumshots. She also has a few kinks thrown in that you’ll have to explore on your own. She’s an open book and she certainly loves exploring her sexuality with the world. Her photos and videos are all high quality and if you like amateur content you’re going to love Eliza Smoke.

You can find links to all Eliza Smoke’s social media and fan sites here. We love amateur girls and we love amateur content. Eliza Smoke is awesome and we hope to see more from her in the future. Enjoy!

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