Miss Calcium Cannons Has Gigantic Milkers

We love models of all shapes and sizes and we’re totally crushing on Miss Calcium Cannons. When we first cam across Miss Calcium Cannons we were in love with her looks and then her name blew us away. There’s a population out there that’s uncomfortable with nicknames for boobs and then there’s a population that embraces funny names. Miss Calcium Cannons falls into the latter category. There may not be a better name for boobs than calcium cannons and Miss Calcium Cannons has embraced that phrase and used it as her model name.

Looking at the photos below it’s no guessing why her name is Miss Calcium Cannons. She has giant boobs and of course when women are lactating their boobs fill up with milk, milk being full of calcium, hence you get the nickname for boobs, calcium cannons. Boy oh boy cannons are certainly what she has. I’m not sure what size they are, but using the calcium theme, each boob could probably handle 2 gallons each. That’s 3.8 liters for all the metric system people out there. Regardless how you measure them, they’re big and beautiful.

While her milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard, she has plenty of curves for everyone. Miss Calcium Cannons has a big booty and curves just about everywhere else. When she gives you that big smile you’ll be hooked immediately. Now lets talk about her content. She’s an adult content creator and her library of pics and videos are straight fire. Her content spans everything from solo masturbation, to boy/girl sex and yes, lactating. If lactating content is your thing you’re going to fall out of your seat when you see her in action, trust me!

You can see more of Miss Calcium Cannons and her mommy milkers here. The link will bring you to a list of her social media and fan sites. What are you waiting for, go give her a follow and fall in love with her gigantic milkers. Enjoy!

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