Petite Blonde Hottie Chloe Temple

Say hit to petite blonde hottie Chloe Temple. She goes by a few others names as well, including Senorita Satan, demonspawnn and sweet little angel. I’m not sure where she got the names Senorita Satan and demonspawnn from, because of the surface she looks like one cute and innocent model. You would never think she’s a raging sex feen, but maybe that’s her alter ego. Chloe Temple the girl next door neighbor, Senorita Satan the sex all day, every day ego. Whatever name you wish to call her, she’ll certainly respond to all of them.

When we first discovered Chloe Temple there was something about her looks that brought back a familiar face. We couldn’t quite figure it out at first and then it came to us. Her face, which is absolutely beautiful, reminds us of the character Janice from the Muppet Show. You know Janice, the the lead guitar player in The Electric Mayhem band, where Animal is the drummer. Google Janice and tell me we’re not right. Chloe has the long blonde hair, eyes or maybe it’s the long black eyelashes and the lips. If Janice was brought to life Chloe Temple could absolutely play her. Chloe is probably going to kill us for making the comparison, but to us it’s quite uncanny. Lets me honest, Janice was always the hot Muppet, it was never Miss Piggy.

Continuing with her looks, Chloe Temple is one hot little model. She’s 5’3 and weighs in at only 100 lbs. Chloe Temple has a super slim build with perfect natural tits and a great firm ass. I can’t personally confirm if it’s firm or not, but looking at the pictures, it looks pretty damn firm. To top off the look she has sun kissed skin, which is a perfect canvas for some killer tan lines. If you’re a fan of tan lines Chloe Temple has them, and then some.

She puts her little frame to great use when it comes to creating content. Chloe Temple has shot for many companies and she creates her own content on the side. As mentioned in the beginning, she absolutely loves sex, so you better believe she’s cranking out the content. Her pics and videos include everything from solo masturbation to b/g, g/g and much more. Her motto when it comes to sex is the more the merrier and that includes the number of times she has sex and the number of partners. You can find links to all her social media and fan sites here. No matter what name she goes by, she’s one petite hottie. Enjoy!

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