Professional Mattress Actress Samantha Reigns

Believe it or not, not all pornstars reside in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. While both battle to be the pornstar capitol of the United States, there is a plethora of pornstars living across the country. Hell, some of them probably live in your community and you don’t even know. Yes, that’s right, they do live among us. One of the those professional mattress actresses is the beautiful Samantha Reigns. Samantha Reigns hails from the state of North Carolina. She’s a sexy Tarheel with a sweet personality and girl next door looks. She may look innocent if you saw her out in public, but behind closed doors she’s anything but, she aims to please.

Samantha Reigns has quite a professional portfolio she’s building. She’s shot with a number of companies and she produces her own content as well, for her fan site. As you’ll come to learn, one of her specialties is anal. When it comes to taking it in the butt she’s all in. Told you she’s not that innocent. She also loves to film with girls, guys and almost nothing is off limits.

If you showed us a picture of what a North Carolina girl looks like, Samantha Reigns would probably look pretty darn close. She’s a redhead with a pretty face and fair skin. Underneath the clothes she’s working with all natural curves. She has healthy curves including perfect boobs and a great ass. She’s the complete package with those All American girl looks.

If you like downhome models with all natural looks and a great personality you’re going to fall in love with Samantha Reigns. You can find links to all her content, fan sites and social media. here. We’re totally crushing on Samantha Reigns, she gets our Hot Girl stamp of approval.

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