Sexy Girl Next Door Chloe Wildd

She’s smart, she’s sophisticated, she’s that sexy girl next door, she’s Chloe Wildd. We’ve featured a ton of girl next door models and we think Chloe Wildd is Top 10. She has a gorgeous face with an innocent smile about her, but she’s anything but. When she’s not going shopping in sweats, she’s at home making some pretty awesome adult content.

Chloe’s xexy and innocent face is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to her looks. Once you start moving south things keep getting better and better. She has a banging body and we mean banging body. She’s petite, tight and has an A+ pair of tits. I’m not sure if she puts in time at the gym to get her looks, but whatever she’s doing it’s working. Her tits are the perfect size for her body, with the perfect shape. We’re particularly crushing on her cute pink nipples. They’re small and also perfectly sized. For all you ass fans out there, yes, it’s just as amazing as everything else on her body. She has a petite ass and like her tits, her ass is perfectly shaped, very round and very tight. We’re absolutely gushing over this complete package.

One last thing to mention is this innocent girl is also a big fan of tattoos. She has a mix of tattoos on her upper body, including a couple on her neckline, arm and the crown jewel of them all, the heart in a cage tat. I would be curious to the meaning of the tattoos. Maybe it means she’s guarded, maybe it means her heart is taken by someone else or maybe it just means she’s a big Strokes fan (they have a song titled “Heart in a Cage”). Whatever the meaning, it’s an awesome tattoo.

By now you probably just want to know where you can find more of this sophisticated beauty. You can find her fan site here and you can also find her on Twitter. Of course her fan site is where things get spicy. She has a ton of sexy content and she even has some XXX stuff for you naughty birds out there. We give Chloe Wildd our Hot Girl Index stamp of approval and know you will as well. Enjoy!

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