Caitlin Bell Bringing That Miami Heat

Sun, fun and lots of curves, that’s what you get with the stunning Caitlin Bell. Caitlin hails from Miami where she soaks up the sun both clothed and unclothed. You might even find her floating around in a pool in nothing but her birthday suit. As they say, “when in Rome”, which means do what the locals do and that means very little clothing in Miami. She is certainly happy to oblige.

Caitlin has the classic adult film star look with huge boobs, an equally impressive ass and looks that could kill. She has a face that says I’m part sassy, part playful and part I’m down to fuck. Just the way we like our models! Caitlin is an adult film star and makes awesome content. When it comes to performing she has no biases, she likes to get down and dirty with both men and women and it’s all fantastic. Nothing is off limits when it comes to Caitlin’s content, she’s a pro. You can find more of this Miami Mami on her fan page and Twitter.

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