CravingDai Has The Best Boobs

We don’t say this lightly, but we think CravingDai has some of the best boobs on the planet. There are 3.9 billion women in the world and multiple that by two (for two boobs of course) there are 7.8 billion tits on the planet. That’s a lot of boobs and a lot of boobs to choose from. We haven’t yet seen all 7.8 billion boobs so we may be going out on a limb by saysing CravingDai has some of the best, however we’re willing to take that risk. She has great boobs and we’re going to spend a little time explaining why.

Why do we say CravingDai has the best boobs? Lets start off by looking at the shape. The shape is the classic teardrop look. Not too much boobage on the top and a healthy amount on the bottom. Too much boobage on the top makes it look like you’re being choked. Just the right on the bottom gives the teardrop look. Next are the nipples and areolas. CravingDai’s areolas are perfectly round and again, not too small and not too big. They fit her size perfectly. Last are the nipples. Her nipples are perky and are perfect little dots right in the middle of her areolas. You put it all together and arguably you get some of the best tits on the planet.

If CravingDai’s tits don’t make you fan then the rest of her body surely will. CravingDai has a gorgeous face with sexy eyes, lips and she can give you that man (and women) eater face that will have you coming back for more. The rest of her body ain’t bad either. She has a slim build, which accentuates her teardrop boobs, and she has an awesome ass and hips. CravingDai goes by the nickname Lollipop, can you guess why? It’s probably because her body is so lickable, but it also may be because she has a large lollipop tattoo on her ass cheek. We’re going with the answer of both!

If you want to see more of CravingDai and her amazing tits start following her Twitter page and definitely sub to her fan site. As an adult content creator you get the boobs, the body, lots of sex (in all her holes) and so much more. She’s not to be missed and we guarantee you’re going to fall in love. You can come back and thank us later, enjoy!

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