Playboy Bunny Playmate Pressly

Everyone say hi to the stunning Playboy Cover Girl, Playmate Pressly. Pressly has all the characteristics of your classic Playboy Bunny, blonde, lean, great curves and a super sexy face. If you Google Playboy Bunny, you probably would see a picture of Pressly pop up first. For the longest time the characteristics described would cover just about every Playboy Bunny. Of course as times have changed models seen in Playboy have diverse looks. That being said, Pressly still has that look of the original blonde Bunnies. When you think of Playboy you think of R-rated fantasies, lucky for us this Playboy Bunny has an X-Rated side to her. While she looks sweet and innocent in her Playboy shoots, there’s a wild side hiding behind those eyes. Pressly has traversed the world of XXX, where you can see her doing all sorts of things that you would not see her doing in Playboy (i’ll let everyone use their imagination). Playmate Pressly gets our hot girl stamp of approval and we highly encourage you to check her out on Twitter and OnlyFans.

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