Exotic Vixen Squirtle

There are beautiful woman and then there are REALLY beautiful women, Squirtle falls into the later category. She’s smoking hot and just radiates with beauty. She has those exotic looks that drive fans of exotic woman crazy. We’re not exactly sure where Squirtle gets her name. We have two guesses, either she likes the Pokémon character Squirtle and/or she’s a squirter and hence the name Squirtle. We think both are pretty darn cool and like the name regardless of the backstory. Squirtle is awesome.

There’s so much goodness to say about Squirtle so we’ll get started with her face. As stated below, this is where all beauty radiates from. She has a slim face with smooth skin and a chiseled jaw line. She also possesses those soul piercing eyes that just draw you in to her beauty. That clean smooth and slim theme continues down her body from her head down to her feet (for your foot fetish people out there). At the time of this writing it’s TittyTuesday so we have to gush over her tits. They’re perfectly enhanced, with both her nipples pierced. The star of the show is the giant rose tattoo on tit, it’s simply amazing. The entire tattoo engulfs her boob and hugs around her areolas. It’s a sight to behold! If you’re a tattoo fan that’s only the start, Squirtle has a mix of tattoos spanning from her should, to her waist and ass. Roses and flowery images are a major theme of her tattoo mix. If you’re a butt fan and feeling left out, don’t. Her ass is big round and juicy, but still has a firmness about it. Dare we say it’s the perfect ass? Yes, we’re cool with making that call. It’s great!

Even though Squirtle knows what she’s working with and loves to show herself to the world, it’s a bit of a mystery around who she is. What we do know is that she’s an adult content creator and she has a few sites where you can see more of her, a lot more. She has all the solo goodness, as you can see below, and she also brings the XXX heat on her fan sites. If you’re into exotic vixens you can find links to all her sites and profiles here. We really like what Squirtle has to offer and we hope to see her back on the site soon. Enjoy!

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