Lewd and Nude Cosplayer Mizu

It’s been awhile, way too long actually, that we’ve featured a Cosplayer. That horrible streak ends today because we’re excited to feature Cosplayer Mizu. If you like Cosplay models you’re in for a treat because Mizu has all the good that make her an awesome Cosplayer. She has the body, the curves and face. Best of all she’s not only a Cosplayer, she’s a lewd Cosplayer and she takes it even one step further as a nude Cosplayer.

When is comes to Cosplay there are a ton of different categories. You can find women dressed as Super Heros, cartoon characters, movie characters, the list goes on and on. Arguably THE original Cosplay was focused on Japanese anime characters. Mizu is a throwback to the original Cosplay anime category and we love it. Her Cosplay includes a hot of classic anime characters including Kiana Kaslana, Vermeil and Kanroji Mitsuri, just to name a few. Her outfits are true to the original characters, plus she adds her own sexy twist. Many of her costumes are very revealing and hold just enough back for the imagination. Mizu is a waifu girl come true. If you’re not familiar with the term waifu, waifu refers to an anime character that someone has a sexual attraction to. Mizu is that waifu girl.

One major characteristic of anime girls are their larger than life curves, which usually means huge boobs. Anyone can pull off anime Cosplay, but if you have big boobs you’re in a class above the rest. Mizu is in that class, as you can see from the pictures below she has big natural boobs, and their gorgeous. They look absolutely amazing in all her anime costumes. She knows she has big boobs and she knows they look great in little tops. In addition to big boobs, she also has sexy hips and a nice healthy butt. It’s like she was born for anime Cosplay! But we won’t stop here, it keeps getting better.

Mizu is a lewd and nude Cosplayer. That’s right, you get the sexy anime costumes and you get to see what she has underneath the clothes. You don’t have to imagine, because Mizu gives it all to her fans. You can find photos and videos of Mizu stripping out of her anime costumes and wearing nothing but her bathing suit. It’s a thing of beauty!

In addition to a full library of anime Cosplay she also dabbles in BDSM. You can find links to all her social media and fan sites here. If you’re a fan of anime Cosplay you’re going to fall in love with Mizu. She’s great and we hope to see more of her and other Cosplayers on the site in the near future. Enjoy!

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