Kelsi Rose aka Michigan Melons

If you enjoy melons as much as we do say hi to the one and only Kelsi Rose, also knows as Michigan Melons. She hails from Michigan and she has huge natural boobs, hence the name Michigan Melons. Someone who has the humor to call themselves Michigan Melons, has a lifelong fan in us. If you’re wondering how big they are and if they fall into the “melons” category, the answer is YES! She has 38GG and they’re absolutely juicy melons.

Believe it or not Kelsi Rose is actually a shy girl, but she has strong sexual energy and wanted to find an outlet to express her inner sexual side, without having to put her face out there for the world. She found her outlet via fan sites and she hasn’t stopped since. Kelsi Rose is a curvy babe and those curves include not only her tits, but also her hips and ass. While her tits are the star of the show, her ass is certainly world class. It’s big, round and oh so juicy. She loves to show off her curves and her content is straight fire.

Kelsi Rose is an adult content creator and her pics and videos include everything from solo nudes, to masturbation to fun with both boys and girls. She’s also an anal girl which looks awesome with her big booty. She particularly loves sexting with her fans and she’s more than happy to sext with them all day long. It’s like having your own virtual girlfriend.

You can find more of Kelsi Rose on her social media and fan sites here. If you like big melons you’re going to fall in love with Kelsi Rose. Enjoy!

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