Model (that does not show face) of the Day: Charlotte the Good Wife

Today’s model of the day is the super sexy wifey, Charlotte the Good Wife. She’s the definition of the hot mom next door that lives an ordinary life, but deep down has a kinky side to her. Her release from her “vanilla” life is to get naughty behind the camera. Who wouldn’t blame her, especially these days. Everyone is looking for a release or change of pace and Charlotte does that through her naughty alter ego. Charlotte has a super sexy fit bod, long blonde hair and great tits. You’ll find Charlotte taking tons of half naked and naked pics around her house and out and about. We always like think there are tons of tons of Charlotte’s out there that don’t want their identity to be known, but have no problem showing off their naughty side. We salute you Charlotte the Good Wife and encourage you to keep going strong! You can find more of Charlotte the Good Wife on Twitter and OnlyFans.

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