Model of the Day: Stacy Stone

Today’s model of the day is the blonde bombshell Stacy Stone. If you looked up adult magazine cover girl, Stacy would be the first picture you see and for good reason, she’s appeared on the covers of Playboy, FHM, and more. Stacy Stone checks the box in every category, blonde (check), curvy (check), big boobs (check), big lips (check), skinny waist and a great booty (check), last but not least, a gorgeous face (check). Something we noticed in a lot of Stacy’s social media posts is that she likes to take pics with her tongue sticking out. We’re guessing she has on oral fixation, or at least that’s what we hope is behind those tongue lunges. Stacy is another Playboy bunny that turned into a bad bunny. She’s gone beyond the cover page glam pics and has delved into the world of XXX. Lets be honest, with a body like Stacy’s why would you let it go to waist. It’s like the world best amusement park and we want to experience every ride. We need more of Stacy and so do you. You can find more amazing content from Stacy Stone on Twitter and OnlyFans.

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