Model of the Day: Holly Hock

Today’s model of the day is the inked angel Holly Hock. Holly is a super hot model with quite an interesting background to go along with some interesting hobbies. Holly plays the guitar, piano, and chess. She loves growing plants, is a bartender, pagan and an herbalist. Now how many of those interests would you guess when first looking at Holly? That’s quite an eclectic mix of interests for a very interesting girl.

To go along with Holly’s many interests, she has quite a few awesome tattoos. She has a large chest piece, anime on her thigh, an Octopus on her other thigh and various other tattoos on her arms and back. All her tattoos fit together and look great on her amazing canvas. She has a tight body, and great tits, 32C to be exact. One of her distinguishing features is definitely her face. She has an innocent but strong face and those thick eyebrows are icing on the cake.

When she’s not bartending or playing chess, she’s getting naked for the world to see. I heard she may actually play chess naked, but you’ll have to see if that’s true on your own. Holly doesn’t stop at nude selfies, she gets down and dirty as well and lets just say she knows how to work a pole like a pro! You can see more of Holly Hock on Twitter and ManyVids. We give this sexy inked angel our hot girl stamp of approval.

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