Free Use Model Celia Steele

Have you ever heard the term “free use”? Free use refers to someone that likes to be used, in a sexual manner, whenever and wherever. It doesn’t matter if the person is horny or not, when it’s time to have sex, create content or communicate that person is on. Celia Steele is a self described free use model. She’s a sexual being and you can be sure if you’re horny, she’ll be there to satisfy your needs.

Celia Steele hails from Denver, CO which is somewhat of a free use State unto itself. The Libertarian movement started in Colorado, Colorado was one of the first states to legalize marijuana and it still has old West vibes. Residents of Colorado generally like to live their own life under their own rules, and that’s how Celia Steele rolls. So a free use model living in a free use state is double the fun.

As you probably imagined, Celia Steele is an adult content creator. Being a free use model and self-described cumslut you can be sure that she likes to have a good time. She captures that good time on camera via a ton of photos and videos. Her content runs the gambit from public flashing to solo masturbation to boy/girl, girl/girl and multiples of each, plus just about everything in between. She’s really into kinks and she’s happy to make her fan’s kinks come true. There’s pretty much nothing that’s off limits, and that’s how we like it.

Celia Steele has a banging body and it all starts with her super cute face and willingness to do anything smile. You can tell by the way she smiles that she’s DTF. She has all nature curves including a great pair of tits, with pierced nipples and a nice ass. She must do the hiking thing because she keeps her body tight with some nice muscular definition. She needs a strong body, especially when she’s performing. It’s not easy to be in the middle of a spit roast if you don’t have a body built for speed. Last but not least Celia Steele is a tattoo girl. She has an eclectic mix of tattoos all over her body. We particular like the large tattoo on her thigh. There’s plenty more tattoo exploring you can do in the pics below.

We hope you got a little education today, now that you know what “free use” means. Now it’s your turn to start following Celia Steele to learn even more what the free use lifestyle is all about. We’re pretty sure you’re going to be very happy with what you learn. You can find more of Celia Steele on her Twitter page and the spicy content on OnlyFans. Enjoy!

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