Mature Italian Fitness Model Krissy

Do you like Italian women? How about mature Italian women with a flair for fitness? How about a woman that falls into the MILF category? If you answered yes to any of the questions you’re going to fall in love with Krissy. Krissy is a MILF that has a ton of sexual energy burning inside that she can’t help but share with the world. She has a banging body and wants to share it with the world.

Krissy is a faceless model, which we’ve seen a lot of, but with a body like hers you won’t mind not seeing her face. Krissy has a super toned body, with just enough goodness on her to give her some killer curves. She has big enhanced boobs with hips and an ass you can’t miss. She has the perfect hips that make you want to grab hold and never let go, yes, those kind of hips. The kind of hips that looks amazing with high cut lingerie and bikini bottoms. If it wasn’t for her A+ tits we may have just focused on her hips the entire article. But yeah, getting back to her tits, they’ll make any boob fan rejoice. They’re big, have the perfect shape, perky and little nips. Her olive skin enhances her curves even more. She has the most amazing tanlines. She can get that painted on bikini look, without wearing a bikini, which is quite impressive. Well done! Her olive complexion must come from her Italian roots. As you can see below, it makes for some pretty spectacular photos.

Krissy does a great job balancing being a mommy (MILF) and putting in time at the gym. It all pays off with a MILF-tastic look. She doesn’t put in all the hard work for nothing. Krissy is an adult content creator and loves to show off her amazing body and sexual adventures. She has a ton of pictures and videos to offer, including lots of outdoor nudity and XXX fun with her other half. Krissy knows exactly what she’s working with and she loves to flaunt it.

You can find links to all her social media and fan sites here. In addition to Krissy, she sometimes goes by FlirtyFitBlonde and ItalianCrush. Whatever name she choices, you can be guaranteed you’re getting the good stuff. We love what Krissy is bringing to the table and hope to see more form her in the future. Enjoy!

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