Sexy DJ Samantha XO

When it comes to hot DJs, Samantha XO rises to the upper tier. She’s a DJ, music producer, model and generally into the adult lifestyle. Samantha XO is a unique blend of blonde bombshell and mixologist. You can find her spinning the wheels anywhere from major clubs to swinger clubs and everywhere in between. If you thought the DJ seen was only for guys think again, she’s everything you would want in a DJ and more.

While her beats are world class, her body certainly rises to world class levels as well. She’s a blonde bombshell with a gorgeous face and amazing curves. Simply put, she’s gorgeous. Samantha XO has big boobs and a perfect little ass. She keeps herself looking fit with a slim waist and tight physique. Samantha XO loves to show off all her hard work when she’s in the DJ booth. You’ll often seeing her wearing everything from a small, cleavage popping dress, to nothing but pasties. She knows how to get the party going and keep it going all night long!

When she’s not DJing you can find Samantha XO exploring her modeling side. Her modeling ranges from DJ shoots, to bikini shoots and if you’re lucky you may even catch a glimpse of her modeling lingerie. Again, with the looks and body that Samantha XO is working with, anything is possible.

We’re loving what Samantha XO has going on and we know you will as well. You’ll come for her beauty and stay for her music. You can find Samantha XO’s music and social media sites on her personal site We give her our Hot Girl stamp of approval, enjoy!

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