Isabella James Your Very Own Spiritual Bimbo

There’s an age old question when it comes to what part of the female body you like more. You guessed it, the question is, are you a butt or boob fan? When it comes to Spiritual Bimbo you don’t have to choose because she has a lot of both. Spiritual Bimbo, also know as Isabelle James, has one of the biggest boob and butt combos we’ve ever seen….and we love all of it!

Isabella James doesn’t shy away from the title bimbo, she actually fully embraces the term and has even coined herself the Spiritual Bimbo. There are a lot of definitions of what a bimbo is, but in the broadest terms it’s someone that is overly sexualized, attractive, na├»ve and somewhat unintelligent. Now I don’t think most self-proclaimed bimbo’s are unintelligent, they’re actually quite smart. The unintelligent characteristic is more of an outwardly “look”. Whatever your definition of bimbo is, Isabella James hit’s all the major characteristics.

As you can see from the pictures below Isabella James is one attractive model, with some larger than life enhancements. Lets first start by talking about her face. She has that perfect Barbie Doll face with large lips, slim nose, pretty eyes and long flowing hair. Heading south the next thing you’ll notice are her large boobs. I’m not sure how big they are, but I’m guessing they’re in the double digit and double letter category, if not bigger. Lets just say they’re more than a handful. Not to be outdone is her basketball size ass. It’s big, round and juicy! I mean really big, round and juicy. I’ll leave it up to you to decide which is bigger, her ass or boobs, it’s a tough call. Isabella James has a tiny waist which also enhances the visual size of her boobs and butt. It all works together perfectly, giving her that big boobed bimbo look.

In addition to her enhancements you’ll notice she’s a big fan of tattoos. She has numerous tattoos on her body, from top to bottom. We’re particularly fans of the grapes tat on her rib cage and the drippy Wu-Tang tat on her hip. Most of her tattoos are very bright and all of them pop on her fair skin.

By now you’re mouth is probably watering and you’re asking, where can I find more? You’re in luck, she’s an adult content creator and you can find all her links on She’s big into messaging with her fans, so with Isabella James you’ll get that full interactive experience, virtually of course. We’re crushing on this Spiritual Bimbo and hope to see her back on the site again soon.

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