Sexy Brunette Kristylee Bella

If looks could kill Kristylee Bella would have us all falling off our chairs right about now. Kristylee Bella is an aspiring model with sexy curves and a face that gives off maneater vibes. Kristylee Bella says she’s an aspiring model, but we think she’s already there. As you can see from the pictures below she has the face and the body to model anything from designer clothing to bikinis and anything in between. In addition, Kristylee Bella knows she has a killer body and likes to all model in her birthday suit.

I’m not sure if Kristylee Bella gets her tight curves from working out or if it’s genetics, but whatever it is, it’s certainly working. She has a flat stomach, perfectly little butt and some fantastic boobs. That’s all just the gravy though, her stunning face with that sexy jaw line and long brunette hair is the star of the show. Simply put, she’s beautiful. In addition to the perfect face and body, Kristylee Bella tops it off with several tattoos throughout. That’s right, Kristylee Bella is definitely a tattoo girl. She has a great mix extending from her collar bone line tattoo down to the larger tattoo on her hip and thigh.

As we mentioned before Kristylee Bella likes to model in her birthday suit. You can find all her spicy content on her fan site. If you’re wondering what she looks like completely nude, you have the opportunity on her fan site. I can tell you it’s absolutely amazing!

In addition to Kristylee Bella’s fan site you can find her on Twitter. We give this sexy brunette our Hot Girl stamp of approval. She always has a smile on her face and you can tell she loves being a model, enjoy!

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