Big Tattoos and Even Bigger Booty Layla Red

What’s the first thing you think about when I say flowers and butterflies? Maybe a trip to the garden? Perhaps good subjects for a drawing? or possibly images to help motivate? Good guesses, but when we’re talking about Layla Red we’re talking about images tattooed on her booty. These aren’t little tattoos, we’re talking extra large tattoos that cover a large majority of Laya Red’s juicy butt. Unless Layla’s an owl, we’re guessing these tattoos are meant for her adoring fans and co-stars. We’re huge fans of booty tattoos and love that Layla decided to go big or go home. OK, now that we’ve gushed enough about Layla’s tatoos, lets talk about Layla. Layla Red is a sexy pornstar that calls Chicago home. When she’s not “hanging out” in public she’s making X-rated videos. Layla has skills make you start watching and keep watching. You’ll have to see for yourself about what we’re talking about and you won’t be disappointed. You can see her work on Twitter and ManyVids.

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