Cam Girl and Pornstar Gigi Sweets

If you like pink you’re in good company because Gigi Sweets is all about pink. She’s a big fan of everything pink, including clothes, decor and yes, lady parts. She’s not a self-proclaimed Barbie girl, but I wouldn’t call it a stretch if you referred to her as a Barbie. She certainly has the look and the curves. Lets dig in more to this pink princess.

Gigi Sweets is a dual threat in the adult industry, she’s a popular cam girl and she’s a pornstar. If you know anything about being a cam girl or a pornstar you know that it takes a lot of time and dedication to do either, let alone both at the same time. Fun fact, on average cam girls are on cam 4 hours a day. Porn shoots can take all day. If you put those together that’s a lot of time in front of the camera. Add in the time to keep herself looking super hot, that pretty much takes up the majority of the day. Somehow Gigi Sweets is able to pull it off flawlessly. She’s bee recognized for her busy schedule, twice as an AVN nominee and 1 time as an XBIZ nominee, so she knows what she’s doing.

Speaking of knowing what she’s doing, her content is straight fire. She shoots everything from artistic nudes to masturbation to sexual adventures with both guys and girls. With a Barbie body like Gigi Sweets’ everything she does is extremely eye pleasing. She’s an all natural girl with massive tits, 34DDD to be exact, a big healthy booty and long legs. She’s not quite as tall as Barbie, but her body proportions make her appear taller than she really is, 5’3″. When we first came across Gigi Sweets her boobs definitely caught on our attention. Not only are they big, they have that perfect teardrop shape. You know that shape that’s round and full on the bottom, with nipples that point slightly upwards.

While her body is a wonderland, we can’t write this article without talking about her gorgeous face. With long blond hair and a big smile on her face, Gigi Sweets’ face and facial expressions are sure to draw you in and her body will keep you coming back for more. We said early that pink is Gigi Sweets’ favorite color and we also mentioned her pink parts. Check out the pictures below to see what we’re talking about. If you like pink, the nipples and vijajay are bright pink!

If you’re looking to see more from Gigi Sweets you can find links to all her social media, cam, fan and professional sites at Pink is definitely in and Gigi Sweets brings it in spades. Be sure to follow this dual threat, she’s super awesome and we can’t wait to have her back on the blog in the future. Enjoy!

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