Muscle Goddess Ruby Muscle

Time to add another muscle goddess to the list. That muscle goddess is none other than Ruby Muscle. She’s one buff babe with stunning looks, a huge clit and a strong appetite for sex. We’ve feature muscle babes on the site before, but I think Ruby Muscle is one of the thickest we’ve featured. She has bulging muscles from head to toe and we absolutely love it.

Ruby Muscle lives in England, Liverpool specifically, where she hits the gym hard and plays hard. As you can see from the pictures below Ruby Muscle has a great muscle physique, which pops with her dark complexion. Her dark skin gives way to veins, a six pack and muscle definition. We particularly like her big back, thick thighs and rock hard ass. Her ass is so hard you can probably bounce a quarter off of it. Along with those muscles you also get hot tits and that oh so amazing muscle girl clit. If you don’t know about muscle girl clits you’ve been missing out. It’s a phenomenon that happens to muscle girl, the more cut and bigger the muscles, the bigger the clit. When it comes to muscle girl clits Ruby Muscle gets an A+. Her clit is big, long and oh so juicy . Ruby Muscle knows she has an awesome clit and she’s more than happy to share it with her fans.

Ruby Muscle is an adult content creator, her pictures and videos are quite unique and quite awesome. She gives you a ton of nude muscle girl content, but she also has plenty of boy/girl and girl/girl content to offer. Ruby Muscle also likes making hot T-girl content. Ruby Muscle knows what she’s working with and she does a great job showing it off. If you haven’t seen muscle girl content you’re missing out, it’s really hot.

You can find links to Ruby Muscle’s social media and fan sites here. We’re super excited we came across Ruby Muscle and we hope to see a lot more of her and her friends in the future. Keep up the awesome work Ruby Muscle!

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