Muscle and Fitness Pro Kassgfit

What do you get when you combine muscle, fitness and beauty? You get the stunning Kassgfit, otherwise known as Kass. Kassgfit is a IFBB Wellness Pro. For those of you not in the bodybuilding world, IFBB stand for The International Federation of Bodybuilders. Competing in the Wellness Pro division is for females with athletic physique’s, showcasing their body mass in the hips, glutes (butt) and thigh areas. As you can see below Kassgfit certainly excels in those three categories.

It goes without saying that Kassgfit has a chiseled body that looks like it’s made of fine Italian marble. She has an amazing physique and it’s hard to spot an ounce of fat on her, she’s all muscle. Her lower body is particularly impressive. She’s well defined and has a good amount of muscle mass, leading to that sexy cut look. Kassgfit’s ass is one you won’t find in most places. It’s muscular, but also has a nice big healthy shape to it. If you look close enough you can even see muscle ripples in her ass. That’s how hot it is!

While there’s a lot of focus on her lower half, the top half isn’t too shabby either. Kassgfit has a gorgeous face, one that can stand on it’s on in any published magazine. She has a chiseled jaw line and other well defined facial features, but also maintains a soft look about her. Arms, back and abs are all well proportioned with the rest of her body, completing a sexy as hell package. We can’t go without also mentioned the boobs, they also have a great shape and fit her body perfectly. They’re big and complement the rest of her muscles nicely. Kuddos on the boobs!

As you can see from the pictures below, milk and the gym do a body good when it comes to Kassgfit. You can see more of Kassgfit and the complete package over on her fan site. Seeing her body completely in the buff is jaw dropping, it’s amazing what the female form can look like with all the hard work she puts in. You can also catch her over on Twitter. We love muscle and fitness models here at Hot Girl Index and we’re happy we are able to feature her. Enjoy!

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