Naughty Nurse Kiwigirlie

Many people have that naughty nurse fantasy. You’re sitting in the doctors office, waiting to see the doctor and all of a sudden the nurse comes into the room to take your vitals. This is no normal nurse, this nurse is wearing a top, showing her cleavage and a short skirt. She asks you to disrobe and the naughtiness ensues. Now this fantasy probably will never occur, however we have the next best thing, naughty nurse Kiwigirlie.

Kiwigirlie is a busty babe that spent the first 27 years of her career as a nurse. She’s a professional girl and didn’t engage in any shenanigans, but after she hung up the scrubs a whole lotta shenanigans ensued. Kiwigirlie found her inner pornstar and unleashed it on the world for everyone’s viewing pleasure. Kiwigirlie gets her name from being a natural born New Zealander and she’s now living her best life in Mexico.

If you like mature models with curves for today and big tits then Kiwigirlie is the model for you. She has that cute mature face, well hung boobs and big booty. All the characteristics us mature babe fans have grown to love. Kiwigirlie has done it all in a short timeframe, she’s an adult content creator, cam model and she’s even been featured in a few mature porn movies. If you google her porn movies you’ll find her under the name Kayla Gordon.

You can find all Kiwigirlie’s photos and videos on her fan sites and social media accounts here. Kiwigirlie has a little something for everyone including solo glamour pics, masturbation videos all way to full blow XXX. If you want to get to know her in a more intimate one-on-one setting you can cam with her directly. Be sure to go check out Kiwigirlie, she’s sure to be your naughty nurse fantasy come true. Enjoy!

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