The Name Says It All TanLinesNGoodTimes

When you have a name like TanLinesNGoodTimes the name says it all. TanLinesNGoodTimes is a model that hails from Orlando, FL. That’s the sunshine state and where she gets her name. TanLinesNGoodTimes has sun kissed skin, partnered with a bikini gives her one awesome tanline. The kind of tanline that many can only dream of. The type of tan line that gives that awesome look of having on a bikini, but not. It’s truly a sight to see.

So some people are pleased to have tan lines, but there’s a difference between someone who has a flat shape versus someone who is curvy. We love all tan lines, but tan lines just hit better on a curvy woman. Thankfully for the world TanLinesNGoodTimes is quite a curvy woman, in all the right places. She has massive natural boobs and an equally awesome ass. I think her Latina roots play into her build, but we have to take a minute to thank her momma for what TanLinesNGoodTimes was blessed with.

TanLinesNGoodTimes is an adult content creator and she loves showing off her tan lines both behind closed doors and in public. She actually has a hard time keeping them contained because the majority of time they’re exposed for all to see. Besides her solo content she creates a lot of girl/boy content with her other half, but it doesn’t stop there, she’s into girls as well. Yup, that’s right, the hits keep on coming with TanLinesNGoodTimes. The icing on the cake is her pierced nipples and suckable areolas!

If you’re into Latina’s with big boobs, big butts, and oh yeah, amazing tan lines, you’re going to love TanLinesNGoodTimes. You can find more of TanLinesNGoodTimes and all her XXX adventures on her fan site and her Twitter page. Suns out, guns out!

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