Jenna Cakes Is A Sexy Nerd

Being called a nerd back in the day was not something you wanted to be called. Nerds were seen as overly intellectual, introverted, shy, obsessed with non mainstream activities and didn’t conform with “cool” dress codes. Times have certainly changed and people have embraced the term nerd and everything it stands for. What’s even better is that now there’s not only people that embrace being a nerd, but love being sexy nerds. Jenna Cakes is one of those self-proclaimed sexy nerds. As you can see from the pictures below there is nothing wrong with embracing nerds. Next time you look at someone and think, they’re a nerd, what you should be thinking is, I wonder what they’re like behind closed door. You can find more of Jenna Cakes on her official website, Twitter and OnlyFans.

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