Midwest Hottie Keke Lou

We love Midwest girls and we especially love Keke Lou. While you might not think Midwest is a hotbed for adult content creators, it is. You would be surprised how many adult content creators reside in Midwest states. The advent of fan sites have brought out all these gorgeous models. There may not be a porn presence like there is out West, but hot models and housewives are a plenty. Keke Lou is one of those Midwest hotties. She’s a model living in Michigan and she brings a ton of energy and she’s oozing with sexiness.

As you can see from the pictures below Keke Lou is absolutely gorgeous. She has sultry face and long dark hair. She has that sexy face that draws you in and those eyes will have you coming back over and over again. That’s just where the fun starts. Keke Lou’s body is full of curves and other find things to discover. She has a slim build, with curves in all the right places. Keke Lou has big tits and both her nipples are pierced. You read that right, both her nipples are pierced. She adds some pizazz to those lovely lady lumps with star tattoos strung from shoulder to shoulder, right down to her cleavage. It’s a sight to behold and I’m sure it looks awesome when she’s wearing a low cut top. Continuing down you’ll see a huge tattoo on her midsection, hips and a healthy booty. It’s not just a healthy booty, it’s a juicy booty and it’s featured in all her pics and videos. If she doesn’t have your blood flowing by now you might not be alive.

Lucky for the world, this housewife aims to please and she loves showing off, both dressed and undressed. She’s an adult content creator, her content includes everything from solo masturbation pics and videos to full blown XXX with her other half and other guys. Not much is off limits for Keke Lou, she also loves anal from time to time. She’s a regular poster and we guarantee you’re not going to be disappointed.

To see more of Keke Lou head over to her links page where you can find links to all her social media accounts and fan sites. This Midwest hottie has it all going on and we can’t wait to see more of her. We love you Keke Lou, keep representing the Midwest.

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