Model of the Day: Ino

Today’s model of the day is lewd cosplayer, Ino. Ino is a beautiful busty model that shows almost everything, but not quite full nudity. Her implied nudes and lewd content is amazing, she’s such a tease, and we love it. You can find Ino dressing up as your favorite sexy anime character or gaming in the nude. Some of her favorite cosplay includes Zero Two Bunny, Elizabeth Liones, Elves and more. If you’re not a hardcore anime fan don’t worry, we’ll do a quick breakdown of Zero Two Bunny and Elizabeth Liones. Zero Two Bunny comes from the anime series “DARLING in the FRANXX”, think of a Playboy Bunny turned anime girl. Elizabeth Liones is the female lead, princess, of the manga and anime series The Seven Deadly Sins. She’s a blue haired girl with a school girl look to her. Now that you’ve been schooled in anime and Cosplay, check out more from Ino on Twitter and OnlyFans. You’re going to love this curvy hottie.

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