Real Life Mermaid Bimbo Jessica Sol

I can’t say I’ve ever come upon a real life mermaid, but that doesn’t mean they doesn’t exist. The closest thing you’ll see to a real life mermaid is the sexy Jessica Sol. She’s a beach bum with massive tits and quite a wild side to her. If there are mermaids out there we can only dream that they’re all like Jessica Sol.

Jessica Sol is a statuesque model with a slim/fit build, with huge tits and a firm ass. To be exact her boobs are size 34DDD. Yes you read that right, tripple-Ds. For all you big boob fans out there, her implants are 800cc, which is well above the norm. If her boobs weren’t enough, there’s icing on the cake and that icing being a huge mermaid tattoo on one of her boobs. The mermaid swims under her boob, with the mermaids tail (aka fluke) wrapping around the side and occupying her entire sideboob. We’ve seen a lot of boob tattoos and this has to be one of best we’ve ever seen. You don’t often see this type of tattoo placement. It looks absolutely amazing when she’s topless, but it looks just as cool when she’s wearing a little bikini. If you have the luck of catching Jessica Sol at the beach, consider yourself very lucky. You won’t be able to keep your eyes off her tattoo, or maybe tits, hell, probably both! In addition to her tattoo Jessica Sol has another secret that that will blow your mind.

What’s the secret you ask? Lets just say it involves a lot of hardware in her lady parts area. You would probably be excited to hear that her clit is pierced, but that’s just the start. Jessica Sol has a whopping 9 pussy piercings. Of course she has her hood pierced and the rest of the piercings are along her lips (or the proper medical term, labia). Just like her mermaid tattoos, these are just run of the mill piercings, we’re talking heavy metal. The gauge of the rings are on the medium to high end. It looks like a fortress to get into her pussy and I’m sure there are plenty of guys and girls that would be up for taking the challenge.

Looking at Jessica Sol’s you would never know that she’s one kinky babe. Now you know she’s one kinky ass babe. Jessica Sol is an adult content creator and loves to show off her perfect body and hidden secrets. Her pics and videos include a ton of public flashing (including tits and pussy), solo masturbation, plenty of close up pics of her hardware, BDSM and more XXX fun. You can find links to her social media and fan sites here.

If you’re looking for the closest thing to a real life mermaid, Jessica Sol is your girl. She said she likes to be used like a bimbo sex toy and she’ll get no argument from us. Let Jessica Sol be your next obsession, she has the goods, and the hardware to keep you coming back for more. Enjoy!

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