Girl Next Door Bisexual Bunny

If you’re looking for a new girl next door model to start following let us suggest Bunny. She’s a real girl with a strong sexual appetite that she enjoys sharing with the world. The great thing about girl next door models is that they could be the girl living next to you, in your condo building or up the block. Since they don’t share their face, you just don’t know. But the fantasy and thought of such a girl living next door is part of the thrill. Bunny is one of those girls.

In Bunny’s profiles she always puts three description words, bi, beer and bunny. Bi meaning bisexual, she enjoys pleasing and being pleasured by both guys and girls. Second is beer. She’s a lover of beer. If not sure what type of beer is her favorite, but chances are, if you put a beer in front of her face she’ll drink it. Based on her slim build my guess is she likes to stay on the lite beer side of the spectrum. Lastly is bunny. That’s what she calls her self and it’s because she loves all things rabbits. Now I don’t think she actually owns a rabbit or rabbits, but she does love everything rabbit and about rabbits. In fact one of the pictures below has Bunny dressed up as a sexy rabbit. I personally love Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit, but not sure if that counts. For the sake of this article, jut know, the place to Bunny’s heart is through something related to rabbits.

Even though this girl next door doesn’t show her face, she’s more than happy to show everything else. She’s a blonde with fair skin and a smoking hot body. She has a slim build with big natural boobs and a big healthy booty. Her tits are particularly fun as she has both nipples pierced. We’re not talking just your run of the mill barbell piercing, but with full blow jewelry. Bunny likes to keep her nipples looking fashionable with eclectic, eye-opening jewelry. After you’ve spend some time checking out her top half it’s time to move down to the lower half. As mentioned she has a big round botty that she features prominently in all her photos and videos. With an ass that juicy it’s tough not to show it off. And if you’re wondering, does the carpet match the drapes, the answer is YES. She likes to keep a little grass down below and it matches her blonde hair.

Bunny has a ton of pics and videos to offer through her fan page. You get everything from solo masturbation, to outdoor nudity to XXX fun with both boys and girls. She also enjoys anal and even stars in her own naked cooking show. There’s a whole lot to like about this little Bunny and we know you’re going to like what you see. This girl next door has us wanting more and she’s more than happy to give us all what we want. You can find links to all her social media and fan sites here. Enjoy

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