Red Head Pornstar Skye Mae

We’re super excited to introduce you to a new model on the scene, her name is Skye Mae and she’s gorgeous. Skye Mae is a feisty red head with a pretty smile and tits from heaven. Well, maybe they’re not exactly from heaven, but they’re certainly heavenly. Skye Mae is a mattress actress and adult content creator and she’s making quite a splash on the scene.

Skye Mae hails from Los Angeles, arguably the porn capitol of the world, where she’s taken her talents and started to make a name for herself. She has a banging body and cute demeanor about her, which makes her the perfect fit for the adult industry. There’s a lot to cover when it comes to Skye’s looks. Her red hair, light complexion, blue eyes and curvy body have us drooling over here at Hot Girl Index. First off we’re in love with her boobs, not sure who the doctor is, but bravo to that surgeon. They’re perky, full and sit perfectly on her chest. She has a matching booty that’s firm, but still look very soft to the touch. And we can’t leave out those hips, wow, those hips. Perfectly shaped for holding onto when going to town. Skye’s look is topped off with an eclectic mix of tattoos starting from her arms, extending down to her hips. We particularly like the Alice in Wonderland tat on her tricep, very sexy!

As we mentioned Skye Mae is an mattress actress and content creator. Her content spans everything from solo masturbation all the way to sex with multiple performers. She holds no bias and everyone is welcome to participate in the fun. While her body is certainly a playground full of fun, she excels at anal play. She loves anal and she’s into hard kinks. When she gives you that smile she may look innocent, but when the cameras rolling her naughty side comes out in full force.

You can see more of Skye Mae on her social media platforms and fan sites here. If you’re into red head pornstars we strongly suggest you start following Skye Mae. She’s awesome, playful and she might be your next obsession. Enjoy!

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