Curvy Cosplay Babe Aratani

It’s been awhile since we’ve featured a Cosplay model, which is a damn shame, and we promise to do better, but we’re coming in strong on a Friday with curvy Cosplay babe Aratani. Aratani hails from Spain, where siestas are the norm and art and culture thrive. I didn’t take Spain for a hotbed of Cosplay models, but I could be completely wrong. Hopefully it’s a thriving community and we feature more Cosplay babes from Spain here. That being said, lets focus on Aratani

Aratani’s look is all in when it comes to alternative model and Cosplay vibes. She has it all going on, from her multi-colored hair, to her nose rings to her tattoos. If you’re a fan of tattoos you have to give Aratani major props. She has an eclectic mix of tattoos, each one being finely detailed and extremely vibrant. There’s a lot of color in her tattoos and that color pops against her skin complexion. The blue diamond moth is particularly impressive on her arm! When it comes to Cosplay Aratani doesn’t have a set style, she spans the universe of different Cosplay characters. I think she leans more towards the Japanese characters, but anything is fair play. Aratani’s pulls off all the looks and does it in her own way, utilizing her amazing curves.

Aratani is a content creator and her content ranges from lewd to nude to XXX. She’s a little cutie and knows how to feature two of her biggest and best assets, her boobs and her butt. Both are natural and both look great both in and out of costume. If you’ve ever fantasized about a busty Cosplay babe stripping out of costume you’re in luck, because you’ll see that and much more from Aratani. You can find links to all Aratani’s social media and fan sites here. You’re going to love her content as much as we do, promise.

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