Filipino Princess Jada Cruz

Fun, playful and all around sweetheart Jada Cruz is here to turn you on and possibly make you laugh at the same time. She’s the type of girl that doesn’t take herself too seriously and likes to have fun no matter where she is. When you have a bubbly personality like Jada it’s infectious. Her big smile and ability to make all sorts of silly faces is what attracted us to her. If you’re wondering where Jada Cruz gets her sexy looks, it’s from her Filipino roots.

Jada is an adult performer and she brings it each and every time. Her content is straight fire. She loves to get down and dirty and nothing is off limits for Jada. She loves to perform with guys, girls and multiples of each. She’s a true pornstar. The kind of pornstar that loves to be covered in all sorts of juices and have every inch of her body, inside and out, played with. And of course she does it each time with a huge smile on her face.

Besides Jada’s gorgeous face she has a banging body with olive skin, perfect natural tits and a booty to boot. Jada tops of her looks with tattoos from head to toe, literally. Jada’s tattoos start on her face and end on her legs. We’re not tattoo experts, but we do like it when there’s a general theme or style of tattoos and not just random tattoos throughout. We like the dual tattoos above her tits, the peacock on her arm and Aladdin’s lamp on her thigh. The Aladdin’s lamp is well positioned, if you rub it long enough something may come, or squirt, out.

There’s nothing like an awesome personality and Jada Cruz has just that. If you like fun girls that love performing you’re going to fall in love with Jada. You can find more of Jada and all her sexual adventures on her fan sites and Twitter. We give Jada our hot girl stamp of approval. Enjoy!

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