Get on The Hotwife Train With Molly Starr

We love us some good ole hotwife action and Molly Starr brings it. Molly is a hotwife hailing from the South. In addition to being a hotwife, which we’ll get back to, she’s also an Air Force vet. We know several other air force/military models and they’re all super cute like Molly. There’s something about ex-military models that get our juices flowing. I don’t know if it’s the fact that they’re badass, know how to handle a weapon or just the fact that that some military girls have a naughty side to them. Whatever it is we’re a fan of military women showing off their goods.

As we mentioned Molly Starr is a hotwife which means, in general, she likes to get into trouble. Being a hotwife is a top genre these days. Everyone likes knowing she’s taken, however she still like to show herself to the world. Molly has a super sexy look about her with great natural tits, little nipples and other sexy curves. She has one of those faces that gives you a glimpse into her naughty side. She can stare you in the face with that mean look or lick her lips, showing off her sultry side. Molly Starr is an adult content creator and her content spans from solo, to kinks to maybe some boy/girl action? You’ll have to find out for yourself if she films the good stuff, we can say with certainty as a hotwife she’s having sex, it’s just a matter if it’s being recorded for public consumption. Judging from the last pic, with the furry butt plug hanging out, we’re guessing she show’s off the good stuff!

Before we let you go so you can see more of Molly Starr we have to mention her tattoos. Molly has a number of tattoos on her arms, legs and small of her back. Something tells us this hotwife is not done getting tattoos. You can see more of Molly Starr on her fan page and Twitter. We salute this Air Force Vet hotwife!

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