Emi Luna Is A Total Babe

We have a treat for you today and her name is Emi Luna. Emi is a Japanese, Latina, babe. Now if that isn’t a unique and awesome combo I don’t know what is. Emi takes the best physical qualities of both ethnicities and wraps them up in the perfect package. Lucky for the world Emi doesn’t keep the combination only for herself, she’s more than willing to show off all of herself, and we mean every inch. Emi is an adult content creator with a propensity for sex and public nudity.

Emi is a pansexual, if you don’t know what that means, it means she loves people regardless of their sex or gender identity. It doesn’t matter to Emi, she just loves people she’s attracted to. Not only does she love people she’s attracted to, but she loves to engage in all sorts of sexual activities. The pictures below may paint her as innocent, but I can tell you she can go from innocent to hardcore XXX in a snap of the finger.

Emi knows she’s working with a pretty face and banging bod, and from time to time she feels the need to show it off in public. You can find Emi flashing her awesome tits all over the place, form the beach to riding on a motorcycle to even in the middle of an airport jet bridge. That’s right, when she’s in the mood to expose those puppies they get exposed, it doesn’t matter where she is. Emi currently lives in South Beach, arguably the sunniest and most likely to be flashed place in the world. If you ever see Emi strolling around Lincoln Ave or on the beach you might just get lucky enough to catch a flash.

To round things out we can’t end the article without pointing out one more feature of Emi, her tattoos. Emi has several well placed tattoos from her hands, to her forearms, down to her juicy ass. They all work beautifully on her flawless canvas. This Japanese/Latina mix is a total babe! We strongly suggest you go check out all her content, both on her fan page and Twitter. I think we’re in love.

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